This program is designed for people who are just starting out in the world of jiu-jitsu. Our offer is a carefully developed learning plan that will introduce you step by step to the key positions, techniques and concepts of this martial art. We have focused on simplifying jiu-jitsu in a way that is accessible to beginners, helping them to build a solid foundation for further development.
The atmosphere in the classes is open and friendly, creating a positive learning environment for all new adepts of this art.


No-Gi is a form of jiu-jitsu in which the fight takes place without kimonos. No-Gi, which is gaining popularity all over the world, differs from the gi version mainly in terms of dynamics and a wider range of possible finishing techniques, such as leg locks.


Our children's program has been carefully developed to meet the individual needs of each young jiu-jitsu enthusiast. In each age group, we focus on their development, providing children with excellent challenges and learning opportunities. Our program takes into account both the physical and psychological capabilities of children in different age groups.
Classes for younger children are full of fun and movement, introducing the basics of jiu-jitsu in an easy and enjoyable way. Older children, on the other hand, have the opportunity for more intensive training, which helps them develop advanced techniques and fighting strategies.
We make sure that our classes are a source of joy and motivation for children. We have a warm and supportive atmosphere in which children feel comfortable and eager to take on new challenges. Safety is our priority, which is why all classes are led by experienced and qualified instructors who care about proper technique and the well-being of children.
Participation in our Children's Program provides the youngest with an excellent foundation for further development in jiu-jitsu. The acquired skills and values will be useful to them throughout their lives, regardless of whether they decide to continue jiu-jitsu training or choose a different path.
Our Children's Program is more than just self-defense. It is a place where children develop comprehensively, gain knowledge, experience the joy of movement and discover the amazing power of jiu-jitsu.


Children's class, mixed age group led entirely in English. 


Mixed group in terms of advancement level.


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